Transform your space with Zensors

Whether you are a cafe or city, shop or stadium, factory or fairground, Zensors can digitize your physical environment in seconds, turning everyday spaces into smart, reactive experiences. Use data to answer critical business questions, stay informed in realtime, and streamline your operations.

Key Features

Ask Questions

It's as simple as circling a region on a video, and asking a plain English question. No programming or technical knowledge needed.

Get Answers

Use our built in visualization tools to aggregate and extract insight across multiple questions. Or export to your favorite business intelligence tool.

Custom Dashboards

Build interactive dashboards using our suite of widgets to get data at a glance.

Be Notified

Trashcan overflowing? No worries! Setup notifications via SMS or email for custom events and triggers.

Rich API

Our simple to use API allows you to pull or push data into other systems on a real-time basis, enabling custom experiences

Show Off Your Data

Keep customers and employees in the loop by embedding our real-time widgets into your mobile or web apps.